Bird Proofing of Solar Panels

The nuisance of birds nesting under solar panels is becoming an increasingly common problem. Pigeons are particularly drawn to nesting under solar panels and because they are social animals, they often do so in numbers.

The birds are attracted by the warmth and shelter that the space between the roof railing and the panels provides. It’s also a great place for safety from predators and adverse weather conditions.

Bird droppings cause considerable toxic mess, but the problem for your solar panels isn’t how they look.

The droppings are acidic and can lead to corrosion of the aluminium frame and possibly the failure of cells within the panels. Nesting birds can also damage the photovoltaic (PV) system of the solar panels and dislodge the wiring. This is all damage that is costly to repair.

Prevention, in this situation, is the way to avoid needing a cure! Nu-Look Cleaners can bird proof your solar panels with mesh, preventing them from settling where they’re not wanted.

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Why choose Nu-Look Cleaners to bird proof your solar panels?

  • We use a combination of roofing ladders and rope access techniques to access the panels safely.
  • A high grade mesh is used to cover the panels which is secured by specially designed clips that don’t cause any damage to the solar panel system.
  • Before installation we flush out any dirt or debris from beneath the panels and then chemically clean the area.
  • Once the protective mesh barrier is in place, we clean the panels so that they work to their optimum capacity.
  • Customer experience is key to the success of our business. Should you have any questions, our
    proactive customer service team will provide the assistance you need.

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