Driveway Cleaning in Liverpool

Driveways and patios are breeding grounds for algae, moss and mould. They are also susceptible to black spots, discolouration, tree sap and weeds. A neglected driveway will have a negative impact on the kerb appeal of your home, while an untidy patio spoils the aesthetics of your garden.

Specialist jet-washing equipment is required for cleaning driveways and patios effectively with long term results. Our customers are often astounded by how different their driveway or patio looks after we have professionally cleaned it. Because the dirt builds up over time, almost unnoticed, it’s easy to forget what it should look like!

Driveways are particularly subject to an accumulation of stubborn dirt due to emissions from car exhausts, oil, rust and tyre marks, along with the continuous traffic of footsteps of those who live in the home and their visitors. Heavy rain distributes the dirt into cracks between paving stones making it even more difficult to clean.

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Why choose Nu-Look Cleaners as your driveway and patio cleaner?

  • Your driveway or patio might be constructed from block paving, flagstones, crazy paving, tarmac, paving slabs, concrete, stone or brick. We can clean these, and many more types of surface, to the highest standard
  • If you have other exterior surfaces that require cleaning, we can include these as part of the work. Such surfaces might be decking, cladding, uPVC surfaces, awnings, canopies, paths, or brick walls
  • To expertly clean your driveway and patio, we use professional grade, high-powered jet washers that don’t damage the surface
  • If required, we can re-sand the area after cleaning
  • Customer experience is key to the success of our business. Should you have any questions, our proactive customer service team will provide the assistance you need.

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