Moss Removal in Liverpool

Frustrating as it may be, outside surfaces are simply prone to moss growth. Regardless of how well surfaces like paving, concrete, tarmac or sport surfaces are laid, without regular maintenance, moss and weeds will grow. Once they take hold and the coverage increases, it becomes a big task to remove them.

Moss thrives in paving joints where, over time, airborne particles such as dust and dirt combine with the sand. In shady spots, under humid conditions, in damp areas and during prolonged rainy periods, moss growth will accelerate.

The most effective way to deal with moss is to be proactive and remove it early. Nu-Look Cleaners have the expertise and most advanced equipment to deal with moss removal.

Regular maintenance will then keep all paving and outdoor surfaces in top condition.

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Why use Nu-Look Cleaners to remove moss from your surfaces?

Specialist Equipment

Rather than taking up your own time to manually remove the moss, we can do the work more quickly for you, using our Westermann Honda Moss Brush

Variety of Surfaces

With this specialist equipment we can remove moss from block paving, concrete, tarmac, brick or stone setts, sports surfaces and rubber play surfaces

Specialist Moss Removal

The moss brush is designed for removing moss of any age, as well as young weeds that are typically less than one year old

No Chemicals

You will have no concerns about chemicals because the moss brush works without the use of chemicals or water. Instead, it uses a wire brush that moves in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to get into cracks and crevices where moss grows

Customer Experience

Customer experience is key to the success of our business. Should you have any questions, our proactive customer service team will provide the assistance you need.