Roof Cleaning in North West

Cleaning your roof isn’t all about aesthetics, it is also about protecting your property. Roof tiles can become damaged by moss, algae and biological growth if they are not regularly cleaned.

If left to fester, the damage will be expensive to repair or replace, potentially leading to additional problems.

Various methods can be applied to cleaning a roof. A specialist roof cleaning scraper can be used to scrape the moss, algae and dirt away from tiles, or a stiff brush can be used instead.

Both methods will require a dry day when there is no moisture gluing the moss and dirt to the tiles. Alternatively, a low pressure steamer with roof cleaning attachments can be used. 

Specialist chemical cleaning solutions can also be used on roof tiles once most of the moss has been removed, as long as nearby plants, shrubs and grass are under a protective covering.

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Why choose Nu-Look Cleaners to clean your roof?


Whichever way your roof is to be cleaned, as a specialist contractor we will ensure the work is carried out safely, quickly and with minimal disruption.

Meeting Your Requirements

We will fully evaluate the condition of your roof in a site survey to determine the most
appropriate method for meeting your requirements

Seasoned Techniques

Our roof cleaners are used to working on roofs safely, and have the seasoned technique to achieve a clean finish within shorter timescales

Long Term Treatments

We apply chemicals to the roof that contain moss killers, fungicide and anti-moss treatments. These and other chemical components kill any algae, extending the time until the roof needs to be cleaned again

Customer experience

Customer experience is key to the success of our business. Should you have any questions, our proactive customer service team will provide the assistance you need.

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